Specialised in cell biology, at the cutting edge of technology and based on medicalised processes ensuring optimal safety of its products, MedSPA Laboratoires has created a new solution for cell repair and regeneration: Micro-cosmetics.

The specific formulation of MedSPA active agents makes it possible to target the cell core. The agents are carried to the dermis where they can stimulate fibroblasts. This reactivates collagen and elastin fibre synthesis, thereby regenerating the cells. Micro-cosmetics offers a genuine solution for targeting each of your skin’s needs.


MedSPA has based the development of its formulas on three major principles: ongoing R&D work, continuous use of the latest technologies, and an uncompromising approach to safety.

Supported by 8 partner laboratories, the brand is focused on developing its expertise in cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, dermatological applications and clinical testing. These areas of expertise have helped the company master cutting-edge technologies for the development of MedSPA formulas.

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An exact, precise and innovative formulation, combining natural ingredients, active agents derived from cell biology and cutting-edge technologies for proven efficacy and visible effects.

MedSPA’s knowledge of medicosmetics has helped focus the formulation process on high tolerance. As such, all MedSPA formulas are additive-free: fragrance-free, paraben-free and colourant-free to ensure maximum tolerance for all skin types, even the most sensitive skins. All MedSPA products are subject to very strict production conditions and undergo clinical testing.

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MedSPA applies very strict production standards. Namely:

All exclusive MedSPA Laboratoires Panel products aimed at different markets worldwide are tested using a series of thorough clinical tests, accounting for the local environment, the classification of different skin types and their cellular structure. The MedSPA Laboratoires Panel endeavours to develop formulas using the most effective, natural and anti-allergenic ingredients. The panel complies strictly with medical standards and the 125 monitoring standards.

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