MedSPA technologies

MedSPA has based the development of its formulas on three major principles: ongoing R&D work, continuous use of the latest technologies, and an uncompromising approach to safety.

Supported by 8 partner laboratories, the brand is focused on developing its expertise in cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, dermatological applications and clinical testing. These areas of expertise have helped the company master cutting-edge technologies for the development of MedSPA formulas.


The active agents are synthesised in the form of infinitesimally fragmented molecules to enable optimal absorption via the dermis. This technology makes it possible to carry the agents to the cell core, ensuring greater efficacy. Dermal penetration is 3 to 6 times more effective than with conventional creams.


Used as a formulation base to replace the conventional emulsion system used in creams. Allows a higher concentration of active agents in the formula.



Helps target active agents, particularly lightening agents, to inhibit the action of melanin causing pigmentation spots.


Makes it possible for some formulas to retain encapsulated agents (such as Vitamin C) in powder form. The powder is converted into liquid in contact with the skin, ensuring that the agents are only released at the time of use. This technology offers a new sensory experience and optimal efficacy.

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Are first and foremost used for anti-ageing care. For example, the viper venom extract, waglerin-1, acting upon the acetylcholine receptor, has enabled the development of a synthetic peptide incorporated in anti-wrinkle creams to tone dermal muscles and reduce expression lines.


An all-natural freeze-drying process, helping preserve and stabilise a formula without altering its properties. As such, with freeze-drying the active agents are more concentrated and retain their efficacy until use.

MedSPA precisions


These help transport active ingredients to the tissue core so they are released progressively, thereby ensuring optimal efficacy.

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