At the heart of our story: Cell biology

Some half-century ago, MedSPA Laboratoires was created from the common passion of a collective of biotechnology researchers committed to female beauty. Scientists pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and attempting the impossible to reverse the effects of time on skin.

The pooling of their respective research was to be the starting point of a human adventure with a common aim of inventing the beauty of the future. These pioneers of a beauty of the future, with a passion for science and formulation, sought to develop enduring products establishing themselves over time, the opposite of market trends.

MedSPA creation

To support their project, they founded the MedSPA Laboratoires Panel, partnering with 8 French and Swiss laboratories among the most successful and advanced in the field of cell biology research, development and innovation in respect of biotechnology applications in the field of anti-ageing. Together, they work with major European universities such as University Paris V, University of Lorraine, University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and many other renowned European institutes.

Cosmetic medicine started to emerge towards the end of the 1970s. With the use of phototherapy and injections, doctors and patients discovered the side-effects resulting from these procedures: skin problems such as the appearance of pigmentation spots, red blotches, problems with dry skin, for which they were unable to find a solution.


First repairing serum

In 1997, Dr Gobin from a renowned cosmetic treatment clinic located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris requested Professor Boutigny of the MedSPA Laboratoires Panel to develop a restorative skin treatment. He developed the first post-cosmetic procedure restorative treatment serum and this popular product developed a following among Parisian celebrities.

On the back of this success, the MedSPA Laboratoires Panel subsequently broadened its research, pushing the use of the latest technologies even further.  The first fully non-invasive treatment protocol was developed to offer patients a suitable long-term restorative treatment before and after each cosmetic procedure. The centre created the first range of professional medicosmetic regenerative treatments on the market, subsequently used by many clinics in France and internationally.

MedSPA technologies

Recognized experts in biology

Their research particularly focused on cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, dermatological applications, as well as filing patents on multiple key technologies.

Bolstered by decades of experience, the MedSPA brand is the result of this advanced research on formulation and experience with thousands of clinical cases.

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A commitment without understanding

The brand’s ethos stems from an uncompromising commitment to provide women with formulas with no unrealistic promises, and no additives that are unnecessary or harmful for health and the environment. Formulas developed and packaged in compliance with the good formulation practices (GFP) formulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and contained in the standards (22716 and 13485) prescribed by the international organization for standardization.

MedSPA revitalises skins damaged by the effects of time via a series of daily treatments resulting in skin that is restored and more internally balanced, with externally visible effects.
MedSPA is the pioneering mindset of the MedSPA Laboratoires Panel who are pushing the boundaries of research, with no limitations in terms or time and resources, to develop unique, tailor-made formulas in order to create safe and effective skin enhancement products.

MedSPA Formulas

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    Technological advances enable the encapsulation of hyaluronic acid molecules for targeted action at the cell core.
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    Our laboratories develop a new generation of anti-ageing agents, formulated using carnosine, a powerful antioxidant used extensively in our Swiss...
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    In our Swiss laboratory, the researchers successfully develop a cutting-edge formula using botulinum toxin. This is revolutionary: biotechnology can now...
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    The first Anti-Glycation serum (from our Swiss Dr range) is developed in a Swiss partner laboratory. Following the discovery of...
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    Dr Massou Cohen and Dr Pierre Boutigny succeed in reversing the melanin process, to treat skin spots on patients of...
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    The first sun cream based on biotechnology appears: cutting-edge technologies making it possible to obtain a light, natural formula, offering...
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    In a medical research laboratory on Boulevard Haussmann, Dr Gobin develops, for a very famous actress at the time, the...
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    8 major medical research laboratories come together to further cosmetology through medical research. The MedSPA medical laboratory is founded.